In 1856, in Offtenbach, a small town near Frankfurt, Rudrich Krumm, his seven sons, and five employees started a small workshop producing luxury purses and billfolds. The company soon began offering men's and women's bags, and its leather goods, made of the finest materials in combination with rare craftsmanship, gained a reputation and numerous orders from the aristocracy, quickly making a name for itself throughout Europe.



"Uncompromising Craftsmanship"

GOLDPFEIL's manufacturing philosophy, which has been maintained since the company's establishment, is that "even if the latest technology is used, it is nothing less than the sensitivity of the craftsmen”, who dye and wipe the dyes off by hand, applying then finishing touches, that helps to make a product of such a good quality. The finished product is then sewn by skilled craftsmen called "Meisters" using their superior skills. 



In 1929, Heinrich Krumm, a member of the founding family, was so impressed by a trip on the GOLDEN ARROW luxury train that he renamed his company "GOLDPFEIL" (Golden Arrowhead). The trademark "GOLDPFEIL", registered in 1930, became a symbol of quality and trust and has remained such to this day.





With their elegant design and exceptional quality, GOLDPFEIL hats harken back to the time when travel was once a great experience. Enriching the journey until you reach your destination, GOLDPFEIL hats are more than just a fashion item, they offer true luxury.


Try this new product, named after the brand's iconic "Golden Arrowhead”!



GOLDPFEIL Flocky Organdy Capelin
This elegant capelin hat is made of a soft, supple, matte surface organdy with a gorgeous floral flocky print. Delicate finish.
GOLDPFEIL Karami Tweed Visor
The visor made of specially processed slub yarn is woven into the fabric of a three-dimensional texture reached by the “Karami-ori” technique. The visor perfectly fits your head.