Authentic&IVY leaguers 2024 Spring&summer   Wigens



Finally, Wigens SS Collection has arrived to Japan!


Due to the conflict in the Middle East (Israel-Palestine, Gaza), container shipments could not pass through the Mediterranean Sea and had to sail around Cape Town, so it took some time.


This season, ATRENA is offering two new models in stores.





IVY Hunting series "MODERN" style, made of fabric from Subalpino Company, Italy, is being offered.


Authentic IVY Hunting is made of carefully selected fabric that has enjoyed a good reputation in the past.

As a gentleman's hat, this genuine orthodox item matches the current trend and creates a new look.






A "CLASSIC CAP" of the NEWSBOY series, produced of a cotton canvas fabric dyed with a pigment is currently available in our stores.


It looks quite different (Industrial Design) from the above mentioned IVY Hunting.



Pigments and Dyes


Dyes dissolve in solvents and can be mixed with multiple colors to create new colors relatively easy. On the other hand, many colors fade when exposed to light for a long time. Pigments are substances that do not dissolve in solvents. Forming a uniform mixture in the solvent, they turn to writing inks. Compared to dyes, they are more resistant to light and water.


The collection is available in all stores plus on our e-commerce site, so please come to pick up your favorite model.


Click here for Wigens collection page.


For FW 2024, we plan to increase the number of models to 14.