Xmas is the last big event of the year!

As Xmas approaches, I get nervous: choosing a present for a loved one, for a party with friends; deliberating on what kind of cake I should make this year.


Just thinking about it all makes me feel very happy and excited.



Even if you don't have any special plans at work, why not to make yourself a present for all the hard work you have accomplished this year?


It is a new feeling to think of a gift for yourself.


Please yourself with a present!


~ A Gift from the Heart! ~


How about an item that will warm your heart and body?


ATRENA has a wide selection of warm hats.


The Eco Alpaca Casket is very warm and wraps you entirely from head to ears.

eco alpaca casquette

eco alpaca casquette


It is very soft and comfortable to the touch and has excellent heat retention properties.


Besides, eco alpaca is 100% biodegradable, making it a very environmentally friendly fiber.


A small shape makes it easy to wear, and the brim core made of soft material provides a comfortable fit.



Stylish and colorful berets


The Chubby Beret


It has a round, small and cute shape.


Recommended for beret beginners.


There are so many other items available that it is hard to decide which one to choose.


When having trouble choosing a gift, please apply to our store staff!


Let us help you choose an important present.




~Gift Wrapping ~


We will wrap the precious gift of your choice!


ATRENA offers free gift wrapping, so don't hesitate to ask.



Xmas is almost here!


I am sure that many wonderful Santa Clauses will appear all over the world!


May this Xmas be an unforgettable day for you.

Happy Xmas!