Today we have visited Tatsuno Classic Golf Club!

What I went there for is...


It took about 3 years from conception to completion.... After much trial and error, taking into consideration caddies heat concerns, safety, etc., the hat was finally completed!!

It is ideal from the point of view of heat protection and safety. Now, you can survive the summer heat!!


We have interviewed caddies who are actually wearing Cocagel& caddie hat collaboration products.




Tatsuno Classic Golf Club members have made us a request to create a hat that will meet the following criteria:


(1) Provide safety


(2) Be lighter than the current model of caddie hat


(3) Have a scarf in two colors to make it easy to distinguish at first glance whether it is casual or tournament golf.


Caddies entrusted us with the following tasks:


(1) Make the hat more comfortable and cool during the hot season.


(2) Ensure visibility.


(3) Make it fit fixed when running.


The above issues were addressed in full scope


1) [Safety Aspects] Resin protective parts built into the hat are made to meet your needs.


2) [Heat Protection] The top of the head, in particular, is crisscrossed for excellent ventilation.


(3) [Safety Aspects] The brim core is usually 8mm thick, but by making it 2.2mm thicker, it can protect the face from flying objects when being hit.


4) [Heat Protection] The head and brim are protected from direct sunlight by using our patented Cocagel technology.


In addition, Cocagel blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays, providing full sun protection.


⑤ SweatbandThe material of the part that touches the forehead is made of sweat-absorbent and quick-drying material to reduce discomfort from perspiration.


⑥[Size Adjustment] Velcro tape is used to adjust the size freely to various head sizes.


We made several prototypes, had caddies wear them, and asked their opinions. After 3 years of repeated trial and error, we finally completed the product!


Caddies who wore Cocagel have highly praised it saying, "It's cool and comfortable!”


That's great! This is the greatest joy for us as a manufacturer! There may be some improvements to be made, and we will do our best!