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Bucket hats have become a staple since their explosive popularity.
As it was mentioned in the previous article, it was originally worn as a core music and youth culture item.
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Now, it has become an indispensable item along with the street style trend.
ATRENA has prepared many styles for this spring, and we would like to introduce some of our most popular items!

R11-500 G/C BUCKET HAT ¥4,950円(Tax Included)  


Pigment processing gives it an even more trendy look. The color is not uniform, but uneven, giving it a vintage look. This item is an ideal option not only for casual everyday styling, but also for outdoor events, festivals, camping, and more!
Abundant color variations of smoky colors with delicate textures are recommended for adults to wear!
TK2R304   D A I S Y   D E N I M   B U C K E T  6,050Tax Included) 
The denim fabric is blue with cute white daisy embroidery. It is available in two colors: dark indigo and blue. The blue color is reminiscent of faded denim. Wear it with a dress or flares for a bohemian look.
R12-201 KANGOL D E N I M   M A S H - U P  B U C K E T  H A T  8,690Tax Included
When it comes to bucket hats, you can't go wrong with KANGOL. And for those who feel that the standard hat is a bit lacking, we recommend this style with a patchwork of two different fabrics. The original fabric itself is also processed for a bigger effect. The iconic kangaroo mark is embroidered on the front.
CC2R802 Kokagel MW Bucket Hat ¥3,850 (Tax Included)
Kokagel uses a heat-shielding material to achieve a temperature of -10℃. The bucket hat type is suitable for both men and women. The size ranges from S~L, making it easy to find your size. In addition, starting from this season, it has become machine washable. Recommended for those who pursue not only fashion but also functionality.
Do you already have a bucket hat? Although the bucket hat is a well-known trend, it has been a standard style for a long time, so having one will broaden your coords.
It is also practical as it serves as a sunshade during the hot season when the sun is getting scorching, so this is a perfect time to try it out!