Developing original hats for S/S 2024. Newborn ATRENA is to sell hats featuring functionality and innovative technology for customers every month in stores and on our website

The first product to be rolled out from the middle of this month is anti pollen: an anti-pollen (pollen-resistant) hat.

 In modern Japan, about 60 plant species are reported to cause hay fever.

In addition to the three main nasal symptoms (sneezing, runny nose and congestion), it is often accompanied by eye symptoms (itching, tearing and redness). Other symptoms such as itchy throat, itchy skin, diarrhea and body aches may occur as well.

 This year, pollen starts flying early, making it a tough season for people who suffer from hay fever.

As a hat manufacturer, we have created a product to do what we can to make your time as comfortable as possible.




The fabric used has its distinguishing characteristics.

(Fabric that prevents pollen adherence) Material provided by: TORAY Anti-PollenⓇ

● Woven structure keeps pollen from penetrating and sticking to it

●AP processing (slippery finish) makes it easier to remove even if pollen deposits on the hat

● Water-repellent

The hats are available in a Breton style with gathers at the back so that they can be worn on different occasions (shopping, walking, traveling), with a variety of hairstyles, and head circumferences.



In the store, please use the hang tag as a guide to try it out.

ATRENA, a hat specialty store, offers hats with added “functionality” to create a comfortable lifestyle for our customers.

Next month, in March, we plan to launch a 100% light-shielding first-class (UV CUT 99.99%) hat.

Please look forward to it.