We have selected for you a lot of special items for sun protection that are so indispensable during Golden Week, when more and more people plan to go out.

You can wear it straight away to create a summer mood.

It is also perfect for a full day of leisure activities.

Here are some hats that can be worn both in the city and outdoors.

~For Women~



Kokagel Bucket Hat


The Kokagel Bucket Hat continues to be popular this season.

In addition to the sensory temperature of -10℃ and UV protection, it has been updated to be machine washable! It is now even easier to care for. 

It effectively repels direct sunlight and heat, protecting your head and skin.

Slits on both sides allow heat and moisture to escape and provide excellent ventilation.

The hat is designed to be both trendy and functional.


Canvas Jockey Casquette



This casquette has the highest level of light-blocking, first-class light-blocking.

It is made of 100% hemp, which is said to be the coolest natural fiber, and has an attractive natural texture.

The rounded and fluffy shape makes it easy to keep the volume of your hair in place.


Natural Wave Bucket

A classic braid hat for the coming season.

The bi-colored design with the combination of colors used adds a crisp look and makes it easy to match a variety of styles.

It can be folded up and is convenient for carrying around.


~For Men~


When it comes to men's sun shades, the CAP is one that cannot be missed! 

Its classic silhouette and casual, easy-to-wear atmosphere have made it widely popular in the world of street fashion.

You can wear caps in a variety of situations such as outdoor activities, sports games, and everyday use.


Washable Braid Fedora

This fedora hat will accentuate your style.

The UV-blocking material makes it ideal for leisure activities. 

The hat can be folded, which is not typical for fedora hats, so it can be conveniently tucked away when indoors.


Have a pleasant Golden Week enjoying a perfect fit of your favorite hat on!