Kokagel Edge-Up Hat has been updated!
In addition to a body temperature of -10°C, UV cutoff, and near-infrared ray cutoff, the new "machine washable" version is even easier to care for. The use of a laundry net will ensure safer care. 
Resistant to intense direct sunlight, as the name "cool as the shade of a tree" suggests, this hat can effectively repel light and heat, keeping the temperature at -10°C to protect your head and skin from the searing direct sunlight caused by global warming.
The heat-shielding material "Kokagel", which blocks not only UV rays but also 99.2% of near-infrared rays that reach deep into the skin, is used. It firmly protects your skin from near-infrared rays, which can cause wrinkles and sagging, as well as from skin damage caused by UV rays.
Slits on both sides for excellent ventilation keep your scalp and hair comfortable while letting heat and moisture out. A nice chinstrap loop prevents the hat from falling off due to wind or movement.

This Kokagel hat is a product that has achieved its goal thanks to the support of many people at Makuake. As a hat manufacturer with a 50-year history, we are particular about quality and functionality in order to meet our customers' expectations. We will continue to make further improvements taking into consideration our customers' feedback.


Kokagel is more than just a hat. It is a life partner that cares about your comfort and health. Take this opportunity to try Kokagel! You will be surprised by its high functionality and comfort. 

New Colors
New colors are now available for Kokagel Edge Up!
3 new eye-catching pastel colors!

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Pre-sale is scheduled to start from April 6th.

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