[Announcement of Events]



A manufacturing town with a 100-year history opens its doors.

The area surrounding Taito City, the manufacturing town, has long flourished as a "Shitamachi" where workshops and makers have gathered and excellent craftsmen compete with each other in their skills. Today, many new brands originate in this area. “Shitamachi Koiki Market" is a select pop-up store that offers "slightly better products" from such numerous brands, focusing on quality, individuality, functionality, design, and ease of use.

The event’s theme is "MADE IN EAST TOKYO: Finding your own unique and special item". And this time we will deliver the charm of East Tokyo to people all over Japan and overseas from Tokyo Station.

Please come and find "something special" like shoes, hats, leather goods, etc. for your on and off season. 



Shitamachi Koiki Market, Ecute Tokyo

Date and time: (first half) November 27 (Monday) - December 3 (Sunday), 9:00 - 21:00 (until 20:30 on December 3 only).

Location: "Ecute Tokyo" on the 1st floor of JR East Tokyo Station, in front of the Shinkansen south transfer entrance.

The companies participating in the first and second halves of the event will be different, so you can enjoy the changes in the department area.

ATRENA offers a wide variety of made-in-Japan products, such as “KNOX” and original products.

We are happy to welcome you when you visit Tokyo Station!