Have you ever heard of the material called "reeds"?
Reeds have been growing wild in Lake Biwa, the Yodo River system, and other parts of Japan since ancient times. In the past, reeds were harvested and used for thatched roofs and reed screens, which are indispensable materials for Japanese houses, as they are deeply familiar to Japanese people.

They also absorb CO2 to prevent global warming, as well as phosphorus and nitrogen to purify the water. However, recent construction conditions have made it almost impossible to use reeds, and the unkempt reeds have rotted and decayed along the shores of Lake Biwa, leading to water pollution in the lake.


At ATRENA, reeds from the shores of Lake Biwa are harvested, woven into fabric, dyed, and reborn as hats. This time, we have created a hat of canvas in casual style. Furthermore, a hat made of Cocagel & Reeds material was elaborated! Even on the sunniest days, the Cocagel will keep you comfortable.



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This reed material is also used for making the uniforms for the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo, and we are also producing Expo uniforms and providing them as a sponsor. We created these garments with the hope to contribute to the natural environment of Japan and the whole world in any way possible. You are welcome to try our hats on in ATRENA stores or you can find them on the ATRENA EC site!


Design Lineup



Hat Type Recommended For Ladies

Developed with a front-to-back difference in brim width, this simple design with stitches around the head, takes advantage of the natural canvas material. There are slits on both sides for ventilation.



Safari Hat for Men

A simple design that makes the most of the canvas material, with the ATRENA charm on the side used as a stitched ornament.


Basic Design CAP

This cap can be worn by both men and women, and has a simple design with the ATRENA charm used as a stitched ornament.


The Cocagel Collaboration Series is recommended for the coming season when temperatures are rising and UV protection is a concern. Please check it out in ATRENA online store and in our other stores.