In this issue, we would like to share with you the process of production of braid hats. The "braid" in braid hats refers to a tape-like cord that is woven or braided. The materials used are diverse, ranging from natural fibers such as paper and hemp to synthetic ones such as polyester.

Braid hats are created by skillfully sewing these woven "braids" into a spiral shape. The narrower the braid, the more difficult it is to sew, and advanced sewing techniques are required to achieve a uniform finish. 


Now, we will gently guide you through the process of making a braid hat.


 1. Starting Sewing


The first step is to sew from the top.


The curve is very tight, so it is important to sew carefully.


We put our heart and soul into each and every stitch...



 2. Continuing  Weaving



Once it is of an appropriate size, we will proceed with weaving using an arm sewing machine.


The way the hat takes shape more and more as it is woven is like the breath of nature. 


 3. Fitting the Mold

While occasionally checking fitting the mold as the weaving progresses, the process is carried out thoroughly and with care.


By perfectly matching the shape with the mold, a beautiful silhouette is created.


 4. Gentle Knitting Technique

The head is now completed!


No special equipment is used, and the warmth of the handwork is put into the process. The gentle weave of the knitting beautifully decorates the curves of the hat.



 5. Attaching the Brim

In the same way the brim is sewn.


By sewing the head part of the hat and the brim separately and then skillfully combining them together a unique silhouette is created.




 6. Finishing Touches


Finally, the hat is carefully inspected for punctures and flaws. The final touch is trying it on a mold. The result, born from a single cord, is a beautiful, three-dimensional braid hat.


This is the process of creating the braid hat. We hope you will try our beautiful hats, which are woven with love and skill of handmade craftsmanship.