Rinondot was born in 2013 as an atelier brand of Shigematsu Co. The concept of the brand is "to be able to wear something that makes you feel like yourself." The name is a combination of the words "rinon" (leisurely) and "dot" (polka dot pattern), and is intended to be a standard item available and appealing for customers.

Rinondot manufactures its products mainly at its own factories in Japan and overseas, paying close attention to design, silhouette, and texture. At our factories, samples are made while communicating directly with pattern makers and sewing staff, and with the help of various staff members, we believe the appeal of our atelier brand lies in ability to create products that exceed the designers expectations themselves.


Rinondot is also committed to sustainable initiatives. Rinondot has started a sustainable project for Shigematsu Corporation as a whole from the 2021 Spring/Summer exhibition in response to the SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals) trend. Rinondot’s sustainable approach to remaking has been the focus of much attention. The designer is originally fond of and incorporates elements of all old and vintage into the design of his hats.



Luce cloche and ARUMDY hats are made of rush and decorated with scarves remade and redesigned of dead stock material from our factory.



Besides, it is the third season, we reuse and combine materials from our factory dead stock to cut and sew bell hats BD from patches, as well as other items, pursuing the goals of environmentally sustainable development.

And in the future, we will continue to make environmentally and factory friendly products in order to contribute to the spread of sustainable fashion.