Welcome a new item made of FLANDERS LINEN PREMIUM, one of Rinondot's regularly used materials!

The long-brimmed cap, one of the hottest items this season, is now on sale.

As the name suggests, the brim is longer than that of classic caps.

Classic caps have a brim length of about 7 cm, but the Long Brim Cap features a 9 cm brim, which is 2 cm longer.

The brim is also wider and reaches 9 cm. So, you can protect yourself from the the sun and look stylish as well.

The design is developed to cover the face well and create a beautiful silhouette !

You may expect a small face effect.

The fabric used, FLANDERS LINEN PREMIUM, is made of high-quality linen harvested mainly in the Flanders region, a famous linen-producing district 8 that straddles France, Belgium, and the Netherlands..

Textile brand fabrics are used.

Flanders linen is highly absorbent and quick-drying, and the more it is washed, the softer it becomes.

Cool in summer and warm in winter, this natural fabric is smooth like silk and makes you feel comfortable throughout the year.

The long-brimmed caps characteristic feature is that prior to being cut and sewn the fabric is washed at the factory to bring out the best texture.

The back adjuster belt is made of the finest quality leather and is designed with attention to detail.

You can wear it during the warm season, or coordinate it with other clothes right now.

How about adding a spring-like look to your outfit with this cap?