When cold winds have started blowing and the cold season has begun, you need warm and stylish items. So we are pleased to introduce you our charming fluffy and soft knit caps [for relaxing at home].




The fluffy and soft texture is the most attractive feature of this knit hat. When you put it on, the soft texture gently wraps around your head and provides warmth. You can enjoy comfort and protect your head from wind and cold.


In addition, this knit hat is made using the [WHOLEGARMENT manufacturing method].






WHOLEGARMENT means "seam-free" and refers to a knitting method in which no seams are sewn.

Wholegarment knitwear has no seams, so it is less prickly and gently wraps around the head even after wearing it for a long time. Since there are no seams touching the skin, there is no discomfort or irritation when wearing the item. 

Since the knit can be worn without worrying about the front, back, left or right, it can be quickly put on while on the go, making it a perfect protection against the cold.


The design is slightly loose, with minimal tightness on the head that provides a natural wearing comfort. Even when worn for long periods of time the knit will make you feel relaxed and help avoid stress.


Furthermore, this knit hat can be rolled up compactly for easy portability. It can be easily worn when it suddenly gets cold when going out or as a fashion accent.




The item can be hand-washed at home, so you can keep it clean and use it for a long time.


Make it your long-loved item by completing your daily outfit with.