[Staff Introduction] Miho Saito, ATRENA Kitasenju Store Manager


ATRENA, a hat specialty store, has many staff members who are hat specialists.

While sharing with you topics you won’t be able to hear in other shops, we will one by one introduce our staff to you.




・ “What made you decide to work in a hat shop?”

“I always liked hats and wore a lot of them.

I had been working in clothing stores and cafes until then, but when a hat shop was going to open in my area, I thought, "This is it! So I applied for the opening staff position.”



・ “How long have you been with the company?”

“It has been 14 years! Everyone already looks at me as a veteran and I'm under a lot of pressure.

But I had to quit once during my career. The first store I worked at closed three years after. At that point, I decided to try something else, so I started working at a clothing store again.

About six months later, I got a call from the previous manager asking if I wanted to work with him again. I had some unfinished business, and I felt I could do more now, so I decided to take on the challenge right away. I was more than happy that he trusted me as a person.”



・“What stores did you work at after that?”

“I went back and started working at the Minamisunacho store. It is a sister brand store of MAOZI. I was recognized for my achievements at the previous store and soon became the store manager.

It was easy to work there because many of the customers were very friendly.

Five years ago, I was transferred to my current store in Kitasenju, and I started focusing on occupying myself with the store. My boss helped me a lot and I was highly evaluated as a store manager, so my life was very hectic as I had to work at different stores.”




・“What did you enjoy the most about working here?”

 “When a customer smiles and says, "I bought it just because of your good customer service," I can’t help but smile too.

I think we don’t wear hats too often in our daily lives, therefore many people don't know how to choose a hat that looks good on them, and I am most encouraged when my customer service gives me a new challenge.“



・ “What is it necessary to pay attention to when coordinating hats?”

“The number one thing I do is coordinating the overall tone.

I coordinate hats as the main object, and I try to use the same color as the hat in accessories and clothes.

If you follow this rule, it will be easy to pair any hat, so please give it a try!”



・“What kind of person would you like to become in the future?”

“I would like to improve my ability to communicate so that more people will know about ATRENA.

I have been working for ATRENA for a long time, and I have become more and more involved in product planning. It would be great if I could make customers like ATRENA as much as I like it!”



・“What would you like to say to those who are going to visit your store?”

“Whether you are a hat beginner or not, let's have fun choosing a hat together with me!”




Location: ATRENA Kitasenju


Name: Miho Saito


Birthday:September 14


Height: 158 cm


Head Size: 57 cm