If you're into fashion, you can't afford to miss the bucket hat trend: from the hip-hop scene of the 80s to the Britpop of the 90s, and now the bucket hat is back as a street fashion staple. We will explain in detail its history, characteristics, how to wear it according to You face shape, and give examples of stylish coordinations. This article will surely make you fall in love with bucket hats!


Table of Contents

  1. What is a bucket hat? - Am ionic faction item
  2. The history of the bucket hat - Journey from the 80's to the 90's and up to now
  3. The difference between a bucket hat and a safari hat - accurately identifying the two styles
  4. What face shape suits a bucket hat perfectly? - Finding the right style for you.
  5. How to wear a bucket hat - the best approach for your style
  6. Pairing bucket hats with other outfits - trendy styling examples
  7. Why does the bucket hat not fit you and what to do with it - tips on how to get the most out of Your style
  8. Upcoming hat trends - the future of the bucket hat and what could come next 




The BUCKET HAT was a breakout hit in the old-school hip-hop scene of the 1980s and the Brit-pop scene of the 1990s, and paced its road as a fashion item in street style and youth culture, BUCKET HAT has established its status as a fashion item for street style and youth culture. This item is nicknamed "Bucket Hat" or "cloche " on the street.



What is a bucket hat? - An iconic fashion item. It is characterized by a short, downward sloping brim that circles the crown, a hat with a cylindrical crown that looks like an upside-down bucket is called a "bucket hat”.


Casual and easy to wear, it is also useful for outdoor activities such as outdoor music festivals, sports games, and camping. Bucket hats are highly fashionable items that are different from CAPs and can be used as an accent when paired with other clothes. A lot of fabrics for and design variations of these hats are easy to store in a compact pocket or bag without worrying about wrinkles. It is also known as the fisherman’s hat or cloche.





The History of the Bucket Hat - Journey from the 80's to the 90's and up to now.

It was in the 90s that the bucket hat took off as a street fashion item.

The adidas KANGOL bucket hat became an icon in the 80s hip-hop scene and was incorporated into many music scenes. In the 1990s, the rise of Britpop led many musicians to wearing bucket hats with windbreakers and track jackets, which became a iconic street fashion item of the 1990s.





The difference between a bucket hat and a safari hat - accurately identifying the two styles.

Safari hats are characterized by a wide, relatively horizontal brim and a chinstrap to prevent them from being blown away by the wind. The safari hat is believed to have been derived from the bush and boonie military hats. It features a branch loop on the side of the crown, which was used to camouflage the hat by catching tree branches or grass. Bucket hats do not have these loops.





What face shape suits a bucket hat perfectly? - Finding the right style for you.


Basically, bucket hats suit a long face shape like an egg. The brim of the bucket hat disperses the line of vision horizontally, which makes it easier to balance the length and width of the face and gives it a clean look.

The bucket hat does not look good on square or base-shaped faces with elongated mandible bones.

Beware that the short brim of a bucket hat tends to draw attention to one side, making the face look unbalanced.




How to wear a bucket hat - the best approach for your style.


1) Wear it loose for an active look.



Wearing a bucket hat tilted back and loose gives a brighter impression around the face and an active look.

Even if you have an angular face shape, which is considered to be difficult to fit with a bucket hat, you can easily balance the length and width of your face by wearing the hat loose, without making the brim horizontal.

2) Wear the hat pulled down over your eyes to be in the mood


When a bucket hat is pulled deep down, the brim hides the eyes and tends to give a cool impression. It coordinates with edgy outfits and mode styling. It also creates a small face effect by keeping the head and upper part of the face within its crown.





Pairing bucket hats with other outfits - trendy styling examples


Old School

The bucket hat is one of the items that symbolizes the old school of the 80s.

How about wearing it as an accent to your stadium jacket, which has been attracting attention as part of the sports mix trend?

Wide pants for a Contemporary feel.

Wide slacks with a center crease add a sense of modernity.

A bucket hat is a nice touch to these beautiful casual coordinates.


Tied-up, clean-cut coordination

The unconventional jacket-style setup with a contrasting bucket hat on the top gives the outfit a bold, off-the-wall look.


Heavy duty

Coordinates with oil-coated or bomber jacket-type blouson in brown or khaki.


The washed bucket hat gives the right amount of slouchiness to the outfit and creates a cozy impression.

It gives the outfit a cozy look. The chic brown-based color scheme is also a good reference.





Why does the bucket hat not fit you and what to do with it - tips on how to get the most out of your style



1). You are not choosing the right item for your face shape".

It is especially important to be aware of the balance between the hat and the face shape, especially if you have a face shape that is not considered suitable for a bucket hat, as mentioned in the introduction.

In some cases, this can be solved simply by adjusting the way the hat is worn, so it is a good idea to look in front of a mirror to find various ways to wear a hat that looks balanced.

2). ”Bucket hat doesn't match the coords."

Bucket hats are associated with street image, so when matching them, try not to make your tastes look too chic.

For example, it pairs great with an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt, however, it requires a certain technique to pair in with a more elegant item, such as a just-right size shirt.


ATRENA's most popular Bucket Hat


This season's bucket hats are made of monotone tweed, a hot material, the lineup includes bucket hats that are useful for coordinating your autumn and winter outings. 

Bucket hats with strings will also be available at the end of this month.

Please look forward to it.





Upcoming hat trends - future of the bucket hat and what could come next 


In recent years, hat trends have been periodized by the following trends

2010-2015: Knit Watches (also coordinated in spring and summer)

2013-2018: Felt Medium Fold Hats

2017-2020: Basque berets

2021-present: bucket hats

Until the boom, each hat was an icon for a certain section of population, but after the boom. After the boom, each hat gained "citizenship" Bucket hats will be the standard hat item for a long time to come.

Will the brimmed knit hat (Oslo Jeep) be the next item? Or perhaps, for the first time in a long time, a hunting hat, a favorite of old men?

To be continued next time: ・・・・