Established in 1953, Toh Koh Co., Ltd. started paving its path as a manufacturer of children's and women's hats and has been a factory for over 70 years.

In its early years, the company produced mainly children's hats, including fabrics and natural material braid, as well as pochettes and bags for children.

We then gradually shifted our focus to ladies' hats, and our designs were adopted everywhere in line with fashion trends. At present, we are producing men's hats as well.




Since we can both produce fabric and sew braid in one place, which is rare for other hat factories, this is definitely one of our strengths.


The cutting machine using a CAM system, which not too many companies have, cleanly and quickly cuts materials and lines, which is difficult to do by hand.

It allows us to sew hats beautifully and carefully one by one, which prevents the hat from losing its shape. The choice of interlinings and linings to match the outer fabric and the direction of cutting are thoroughly considered to ensure the hat will be comfortable to wear in accordance with the design.



We are committed to making hats that will be loved for a long time by our customers, and we will be happy if our hats play a role in making your outings more exciting and enjoyable.

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Roll-Up Hat

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Border Bucket

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Raffia Crochet

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