We previously reported that we would be producing some of the uniforms for the Osaka Expo 2025, Kansai, and at last the event was held! (Click here to read the previous article)





There are many related goods at the entrance. You can see that the event is finally approaching.


Just before the start of the event, a large number of reporters gathered, creating a tense atmosphere.


The event has started. It started with a talk session by eight producers who are engaged in projects related to the theme of the event, "Life”. The talk was full of inspirational views on "life" from various perspectives. It was full of humor, and we enjoyed listening to it.


And today's main feature is the Official Uniform Collection.

Finally, the hats we produced are here!
These uniforms are mainly developed for staff working outdoors. The models were Mr. Keito Shiotsuki and Ms. Misaki Sakata from NMB48 and wheelchair social media influencer Mr. Yusuke Terada.

All of the uniforms were created with the concept of contributing to the SDGs and are made from reeds that either return to the earth after use or are harvested to improve the water quality of Lake Biwa and the Yodo River water system.



At the end, the company name is firmly placed on the list of sponsors!

Last year, our company celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was a great honor for us to be involved in such a big project at that time.