ATRENA handles a variety of domestic and international brands based on the concept of "bringing more fun into your life”.

This time, we would like to introduce you Tuduri, which is especially popular among women.


The Tuduri hat is like a short story by itself.

The story the hat tells us is visual.

Due to their colorful, like an illustrated book, look and novel fresh shape, these hats are comfortable to wear and keep a balance making you look both mysterious and relaxed.

There are many fun items with unique coloring and patterns. A lot of customers are mesmerized with the concept and keep coming back, making it one of our staff's most popular brands.


We would like to introduce a few items we are dealing with this season.



R62-100 Mimosa and Bee Beret ¥ 9,680

Bees perching on yellow stars, this jacquard beret looks like a bright yellow mimosa flower crown.

Bees resting on mimosa flowers are made of metal plates.

R12-105 Puffy Patch Linen Hat ¥ 10,780

Puffy cheeks!

The hat is made of fabric decorated with a different pattern on each panel and can serve as a fashionable accent to your outfit.



R12-100 Cocoon Edge Breton Hat ¥9,240

Tangled threads Cocoon Breton is made with only the brim front and back knitted in terraced patterns.

Must have for a graceful look.


Which design have you liked the most?

We are awaiting a new collection to our stores with many more interesting hats we can't encompass in this issue.

We hope you will enjoy trying them on in our stores!