The hot summer is coming soon bringing  scorching heat. As it will become warm, we will naturally want to spend more time outside.

We are pleased to introduce you our hats of Class A shielding that will be useful during the hot season.

Having a shielding rate as high as 99.9%, (given the fact that 100% shielding is not often available due to inspection specifications), this hat performs a Class A (first-rate shading) function.

Being excellent in UV protection, the hat demonstrates perfect results in the heat shielding test at [S35] (heat shielding rate: 35%-45%), which allows you to spend a comfortable time outside in extreme heat, as well as to prevent sunburn.


S: Heat Shielding Rate (%)

↑Textile products with enhanced ability to block heat rays from sunlight are used in various fields. This test is used to evaluate how much heat fabric blocks when exposed to heat rays.

For references:

First-Class Shading Product Lineup



First-class Shading Freestyle (available from spring to mid-summer)



Gather Down (available from spring to early summer)

A series of 100% cotton shading hats that can be worn in spring and summer. Spring - early summer.

Ultraviolet rays become stronger from spring to early summer.

To prevent the hat from being blown away by strong winds, especially in spring and early summer, we offer deep freestyle hats and hats with a gathered down back.


First-Class Shading Capeline (available from summer to mid-summer)


Draped Crochet (available from summer to mid-summer)

A series of 100% linen shielding hats for the summer season. In summer and mid-summer, ultraviolet rays and direct heat waves become stronger. The special interlining used by our company also has a heat shielding function as described above, making your summer lifestyle more comfortable.



First-Class Light-Shielding Paper (Washi) Thermo Hat (available from early summer to mid-summer)

Our manufacturing section has developed a paper thermo hat that is inherently transparent and is not effective in blocking light or heat. The paper material is made of durable washi paper, which is resistant to strong ultraviolet rays and heat rays. The benefits of the thermo-hat, such as breathability and light weight, have been maintained to achieve Class A shielding. 

○ Functions

UV shielding rate: 99.9%

Heat shielding rate: [S35] (heat shielding rate: 35%-45%)

Hand washable (both materials)

Size adjustment function (about 1.5 cm smaller than the initial size).

People say that we will never have a “cool summer” in the future.

Please enjoy heat waves and have a comfortable summer.

In the next issue, we will introduce GORETEX, a waterproof hat for the mid-summer break (rainy season).