If you wear caps, you have probably heard of the brand NEW ERA.


You may often see people wearing the hats of this brand on the streets, and of course it has a very high wear rate amongst our staff.


This time we introduce New Era, which is also handled by ATRENA.



  • History

The company founded in the USA in 1920 as the E Cook Cap Company, in 1922, two years later, changed its name to New Era and since then has been known as the New Era Cap Company.


Its history tracks back over 100 years, although it is apt to be thought of as a new brand because it is fashionable.


The company entered the baseball cap market in the 1930s and is now famous as the official supplier of MLB (Major League Baseball).


  • Caps as fashion


While caps became popular in the sports scene, they also became strongly associated with fashion as many celebrities and artists wore them.


Caps are often associated with the 90s Black culture and hip-hop in particular.


Artists wore them for music videos and live performances, and fans bought the same items, making them more deeply rooted in the scene.


  • What is the right thing to do with the sticker?


Now, when more and more people are wearing New Era as a fashion item, people wonder: "Is the sticker on the brim supposed to be removed"?


When we look at how people wear caps, we get the impression that many prefer to keep stickers.


There is a theory that caps were originally worn with stickers to show that they were new.


This theory is fading away right now, though…. so, unfortunately, we should cope with the fact that there is no right answer to this question.


  • What models of caps are there?


There are many different models nowadays, so you can choose the model that suits you best.


ATRENA manufactures some of them.




It is the design of New Era.


Available in a range of sizes for those who seek a perfect fit.





Same model as 59FIFTY with an adjuster at the back. If you are not sure about choosing the right size, this is the one for you.









The overall silhouette is rounded. A buckram behind the front panel gives it a classic look fitting with Velcro fastening attached to the back of the cap for size adjustment.





Light and comfortable to wear cap without a buckram. Each has a slightly different crown, height and brim angle. All models are unisex.



In this issue, we have answered a list of questions frequently asked by our customers.


New products arrive every month, so we will be introducing them consistently!